Effective Self Defense

The Park School is the first martial art school in Plano, Texas established in 1974. We practice a mixed martial art for self-defense only in small group classes for adults! Teenagers age 14 or older may join if they bring a training partner or one parent that joins with them. No contracts and small monthly tuition.

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In Memory

"From the Park School in Plano in memory of Alii Don Nahoolewa a Great Grand Master of Kajukenbo Kenpo." "We honor a great man!"

Don K. Nahoolewa

American Kajukembo Chief Grandmaster founded the American Kajukembo Association and the American KEMPO Association


Classes in Plano are held inside Ahn's Tae Kwon Do Studio upstairs at
2001 Coit Rd.
Plano, TX


Class meets every Monday and Wednesday and some Saturday afternoons. Visit a class on any Monday or Wednesday night
MON & WED 08:00PM - 09:30PM
SAT 02:00PM - 03:30PM
(Check for Saturday dates)

Adult Self-Defense

We do not punch, kick, throw and then pose! we train in realistic self-defense in a smart, fun and safe atmosphere. We belong to the Kenpo International Karate Society (KIKS) and study the park system. You will find that the rhythm and techniques of Kenpo International (Hawaiian Martial Art) is differrent from the several other systems. come watch a class for a short demonstration.

The Organization

Kenpo International Karate Society (KIKS), founded by Grandmaster Michael D. Park, is an expression of his life-long experience in mixed martial-arts. The "Park School" now called Kenpo-Karate Of Plano, was the first martial art studio in Plano formed in 1974. Mr. Park, an army veteran, is the most senior Grandmaster in Plano, TX. A former police officer and retired federal agent, he has used his martial art skills numerous time during his 30 year career in law enforcement.

Seminars and Special Training

Grandmaster Park and the Kenpo Karate School Of Plano sponsors The Guardians Of The Light Seminar and induction banquet. The event recognises accomplished seniors, learn new skills and applications of familiar technique. We also support The Gathering Of Eagles / Kenpo International Hall Of Fame sponsored by Grandmaster Nick Chamberlain In Dallas, Texas.

Affiliation and Membership

We have an "open" membership policy meaning everyone from a beginner to grandmaster is welcome to join the headquarters school or Kenpo Karate of Plano in Texas. The KIKS society is especially appropriate however for any level of student that has a black belt degree or previous experience in the greater kenpo-karate family of systems that trace their lineage back to professor Kwai Sun Chow (the founder) in Hawaii.